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Reborn CD


  1. Dawn
  2. Waking Up Again w/ La Caro, LIVEiNFEAR
  3. Cherry Blossom / Honey w/ Sofia Basila
  4. Water Silhouette (earth)
  5. 3
  6. Long Road
  7. Zephyr w/Etheri
  8. Under The River / Introspective (EVERYTHING'S OKAY/NOTHING IS OKAY) w/La Caro
  9. Inner Voice w/La Caro
  10. Petrichor
  11. Dreams (Ambroz Remix)
  12. Right Place w/La Caro
  13. Reborn w/David Schmid
  14. Cloud / Hope
  15. Something New w/Ponce, Nebasa


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Reborn CD


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Reborn CD

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